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Celebrating Highland Dance Students: Meet Anna!

Name: Anna Paddock

"Real life" ID: Musician (piano teacher; songwriter

Dancing for: 2 years with some breaks


Q: What got you interested in Highland Dance?

A: Listening to Celtic music and having a debate/fight with where the downbeat was, and so I thought if I danced, then i would have a better understanding of that particular music.


Q: Have you ever been to Scotland? If not, any plans to go?

A: I'd love to go. Northern England is the closest I've come!


Q: What is one of your favorite things about learning how to Highland Dance?

A: The precision and consistency of it.


Q: Have you ever competed, if not do you plan on competing?

A: I've never competed (in highland dance), but I would happily give it a try!


Q: What other activities do you like to do for fun?

A: write letters, try on clothes and play classical piano.


Q: Fun Facts!

A: I once did a wall sit for 13 minutes (that was a different era)!!!