Santiago Cup 2018 - SMPB

Last week our Artistic Director Susan Nase returned from her second trip to Chile. Over the course of nine days in Santiago, she taught workshops, judged, and shared her passion for highland dance with dancers from Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. These awesome dancers worked incredibly hard, putting in over 12 hours of intense workshops all before competition day!

The event was hosted by the Santiago Metropolitan Pipe Band and it was an honour to have been invited back to participate alongside fellow adjudicators Craig Monroe (pipes) and Tyler Fry (drums).

This was the first year they have hosted an event with individual dance competition and it was a great success! Congratulations to all the dancers who participated and to the SMPB for hosting such a fabulous event!

Santiago Judges Compress.JPG
Santiago Competition Dancers.jpg

Highland Dance in South America!


Our Artistic Director Susan Nase is packing her bags again! She is thrilled to have been invited to Santiago, Chile next week to teach workshops and adjudicate at the 7th South American Pipe Band Gathering! There are 12 bands from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay participating in the event. At this gathering, unlike a traditional (SOBHD) highland dance completion the dancers will join the pipe band as full members - much like our recent collaborations with the Vancouver Pipe Band. The dancers have created choreography to match the music played by the band and will be judged on this performance rather than on traditional dances. The event runs for several intense days of workshops, performance, competition and finishes with a massed bands. The enthusiasm and excitement around this event by the bands in South America is contagious. We can't wait to see what they're working on!