Video Project

Crooked Fire Video Release!!

We are thrilled to reveal to you our latest creative project, directed and choreographed by our Artistic Director Susan Nase... Crooked Fire! Shot on a cold day in December, this video captures our newest choreography on film. Set to the infectious music of Skerryvore, our dancers push the boundaries of contemporary highland dance with precision, energy and just a wee bit of sass!

We had the great pleasure to work with a stellar crew, an amazing hair and makeup team and the fabulous shooting and editing talents of Philip Corr of Wee Beastie Productions. The dancers put in a long full day on set, not to mention weeks of rehearsals to make this vision come to life. We couldn't be happier with the results and hope you love it too!

Check out the full Crooked Fire video HERE!!

Directors Crooked View.jpg
Katherine on set.jpg
Crooked Shoot Group.jpg

Farewell to Nova Scotia Hornpipe

Farewell to NC Shoot group.JPG

After several YEARS of creativity and hard work, we are so excited to share this finished project with you!!! We've been working away at the musical recording, choreography, countless dance rehearsals, costume design and production, and now finally the video shoot and edit. Phewf!

The Farewell to Nova Scotia Hornpipe project began as a seed of an idea that began to take shape in 2015 when SoS dancers Susan Nase (vocal and guitar) and Emma Reid (fiddle) went into the recording studio to create an original recording of the Canadian folk tune. Kathleen Hall then sparked the choreography vision which was later refined and developed by Artistic Director Susan Nase and the company dancers (past and present) of Shot of Scotch Vancouver. 

Farewell to NS Shoot.JPG

The original planned video project was unfortunately rained out (as tends to happen in Vancouver) with literally months of rain. Other projects took over our time and this piece fell off the radar for some time. The costumes came to fruition as the piece came back into our regular repertoire in 2018 and we were finally able to complete the video shoot with Meghan Pike and Danielle Senyk dancing beautifully on one of the hottest days of the summer.

This piece has been an absolute joy to create and we hope you enjoy the finished video half as much as we enjoyed making it!