We’re Going to Paris!

Shot of Scotch Vancouver has been invited to present original choreography at the International Body Music Festival (IBMF) in Paris France! This is a gathering of world-class artists from across the globe, taking place in Oct 2016. The IBMF specifically presents artists who create music using their bodies alone. This includes vocalists, dancers and body percussionists. This year’s line up includes artists from France, Brazil, Turkey, USA, Greece, Spain, Austria, Cuba, Columbia, Denmark, and South Africa to name a few! Shot of Scotch Vancouver will be one of only three Canadian company attending this year’s festival. At the IBMF, we will present our ground breaking original Shot of Scotch Body Music Suite, something unique and unseen before. This is the creation of our Artistic Director Susan Nase, also a professional tap dancer and vocalist.  In addition to performing, we will teach a master class of Scottish highland dances.

The suite shares a strong demonstration of our traditional roots and then strays from those roots to play in the world of body music. Traditionally, highland dance is accompanied by bagpipe music making it a primarily visual art form. The delicate sounds of the brushing of the feet, the stomp of the jig shoe, the slide of the foot along the leg, are left for rehearsal rooms only. It was these “unheard” sounds that inspired director Susan Nase to create the Shot of Scotch Body Music Suite. What would happen if highland dance was composed based on the rhythms made by our footwork? The suite explores this idea and also expands to the idea of accompanying the visual highland dance with vocals, body percussion and traditional Scottish songs.

We are thrilled to be part of this festival because the IBMF provides us the opportunity to represent and promote Canada and Scottish Highland dancing at an international artistic event. Not only will we be able to showcase our culture, our passions and our roots, but we will also have the opportunity to collaborate, network, exchange, and learn from internationally renowned artists. The open mic night, various workshops and events allow us to exchange in a unique and rare way, which could lead to future collaborative projects at the international level.

We see this invitation as a clear indication that Shot of Scotch Vancouver has increasing success and growth, and that we are gaining international attention and exposure. Stay tuned for updates on our preparations for this festival! Sponsorship opportunities are available so please contact us if interested in helping us get to Paris.  Thank you for your continued support!!  See you in Paris!!