Highland Pride

Best of Razzmatap Performance

Shot of Scotch Vancouver was invited to join Razzmatap onstage to perform our new theatre set! We had the great pleasure to dance with the many tap, jazz, ballet, and irish dancers from around Vancouver to help support and fundraise for the Parkinson Society of BC.

Our first performance was called "Highland Feet". It is a dance of music and rhythm created by the feet of the dancers. Choreographed by Susan Nase, it shows off the highland, national, jig, and hornpipe step times by combining the many types of dance. Without the traditional music to accompany we are able to create our own body music which gets to the core rhythm of what we love to do.

The second performance started with the traditional national dance called "All the Blue Bonnets are over the Border," which tells the story of the Scottish regiment known as the "Blue Bonnets" for their colourful hats. It is said to be danced by the women who are left behind while the soldiers march off to war in England, and is performed in the softer "national" dress outfit. In our modern rendition of this piece, we used live music, both vocal and percussion. We immediately followed it with a new choreography, "Highland Pride," which is a broadswords dance -- that is, it is danced by multiple dancers over multipe swords. The sword dance traditionally tells the story of soldiers going off to fight in battle, so it pairs well with the "Blue Bonnets," but is a strong, upbeat regimental dance.

Highland Feet - Choreographed by Susan Nase, Performed by Susan Nase, Kathleen Hall, Emma Reid, and Sarah Grant

Blue Bonnets Over the Border - Music and Dance arrangements by Susan Nase, Vocals performed by Alison Ward and Susan Nase - percussion by Alyssa Howald and Susan Nase, Danced by Meredith Miller.

Highland Pride - Performed by Kathleen Hall, Liz Durward, Emily Dietrich, Emma Reid, Sarah Grant, Julia Haddon - Choreographed by Kate MacRae. 

Special Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the show!