Highland Hotties

Shot of Scotch Vancouver: Choreography - "Ceilidh-Ready"

Recently performed at the BC Highland Games "Ceilidh-Ready" was choreographed in 2015 by Emma Reid and Kathleen Hall. The dance plays with the typical idea of balance and symmetry in highland dancing -- you'll see that sometimes, the dancers are in sync with each other, while other times, they are deliberately doing the opposite movements. 

The dance was awarded first prize at both the Bellingham indoor competition in February and the Bellingham Highland Games in June, and has been performed for several audiences throughout the lower mainland. Special thanks to Kate McRae for her assistance in polishing this piece.

2015 FUSTA Choreography Project!

Shot of Scotch NYC had a blast filming for the 2015 FUSTA Choreography Project! We filmed early this morning on the "Wooden Pier" in Brooklyn, New York. We were blessed with sunshine and gorgeous views of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. After we were done filming we decided to take the opportunity to take a few candid shots! We hope you enjoy! 

We would also like to thank FUSTA for the opportunity to be involved in their choreography project this year, and we can not wait to see the final cut! The video will be out this summer and is set to the tune of "Everybody Dance Now" performed by the fabulous Red Hot Chili Pipers!