Fusion! Fusion! Fusion!


It's no secret that we love a good cultural mashup and this season we've had the pleasure to present three of our existing favourites and one new creation! In the past month we've revised our Bhangra, Taiko and Serbian fusions with the Royal Academy of Bhangra, Onibana Taiko and Skud Zavicaj. We brought both the Bhangra and Taiko fusions to the BC Highland Games in Coquitlam on June 16 and were guest performers at Skud Zavicaj's year-end show June 29 at the Cultch Theatre in East Vancouver. If you missed all of those, you can still catch us perform our Taiko Highland fusion a the Powell Street Festival at noon on Aug 4th! 

"Our goal in creating a collaborative fusion is to stay true to the integrity of each cultural art form, but to play with the commonalities in order to create something new and exciting" says SoS Van artistic director Susan Nase. The newest of our fusions was created for Small Stage's Summer Series on Robson and included live music with bagpipes and dhol. See the video HERE!