Adult Highland Student Spotlight: Meet Paula!

Name: Paula

“Real life” ID: Research Manager

Dancing for: 2 years

Q: Did you dance as a child or teenager?

A: Ballet as a small child and Scottish Country Dancing as an adult.

Q: What made you want to sign up for highland dance lessons as an adult?

A: I love the energy and the patterns of highland dances but it was not easy to find a teacher willing to teach adult beginners.

Q: Has the experience been what you expected it to be? Why?

A: So much more than I expected! There is time spent on technique but the class is geared to adult dancers. Susan is really fun and very inspiring. I can't believe how many steps and dances I have learned in the 2 years.

Q: What is your favourite highland dance and why?

A: The Sword Dance is my favourite because it takes so much energy and concentration and there is always the chance that the practice swords could go flying. When you get through the dance it is exhilarating!

Q: Do you have Scottish/Celtic roots in your family? Is that important to you?

A: I have Scottish roots on both sides of my family. I grew up with Scottish music and grand-parents who had lots of stories of growing up in Scotland so it has always been part of my life.

Q: What are your goals/plans for highland dancing?

A: To improve my technique and master the steps that I am currently struggling with, to have 2-3 dances that I could show off, and to continue having heaps of fun in class every week.

Q: Any other thoughts to add?

A: Highland dancing is not beyond the reach of adults as long as you approach it realistically and don't expect instant results. It is so much fun and such good exercise for your body and your brain that more adults should take it up!